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Benefits of Having a CCTV Surveillance System:

Using CCTV has evolved from being a traditional security system to assisting in many aspects of emergency management and response. CCTV security systems can be a single camera and a monitor or can be very elaborate and very complex. A more complex system may include hundreds of cameras, digital recorders, and multiple operators.. The benefits that closed circuit television (CCTV) technology has brought to the world are plentiful. People have enjoyed a greater amount of security in their homes, businesses have been able to protect their establishments and provide their customers with a higher level of protection and security and Public places such as airports, banks, military facilities, casinos & more... have also greatly benefited by preventing possible crimes from happening. The escalation of criminal activity coupled with the ever resurgent threat of terrorism means that modern surveillance techniques are increasing becoming common and useful security tools in our lives. The recent evidential CCTV footage of the attempted terrorist attacks on iconic buildings in London in helping convict the perpetrators is one solid example.


Wireless CCTV systems are increasingly becoming a popular choice among CCTV buyers on account of the ease of installing such a system, lack of cabling requirements and assured mobility.


The thought of knowing that they are being watched and monitored keeps away the would be offenders. It is only a stupid burglar or a thieve that will not realise that a home or business under CCTV surveillance is not worth the risk and therefore not a good target. The benefits the use of CCTV surveillance system brings to crime reduction and as a source of evidence can never be underestimated.
Fear reduction

Most people have often confessed that the presence of CCTV cameras makes them feel safer. Feeling safe gives peace of mind to Business owners, employees and homeowner that not only are their businesses or property safe, but also are their loved ones.


CCTV evidence can be vital in prosecution of offenders (thieves, terrorist, vandals, arsonists, looters, burglars, and any other criminals). It?s much easier to identify and initiate legal procedures against offenders with visual evidence from the CCTV footage. This on its own provides an ultimate criminal deterrent that is both visible and effective. A good example is the recent looting and vandalism that happened in London and other parts of UK. Almost all the offenders were identified using CCTV systems and were successfully prosecuted with the use of CCTV evidence.

Security and Surveillance :

You rarely need eyes in the back of your head these days. Strategically placed cameras can be both monitored and recorded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Digital recorders can record all your cameras for up to 3 months or even more if you need it. Remote monitored systems allow you or manned guards to watch over your premises from anywhere in the world using a phone or computer.
Increase Business Efficiencies and Improve Profitability

employees and business owners, CCTV security system can greatly improve business efficiencies and profitability. Thieves and shoplifters are less likely to strike a business that is protected by closed circuit television cameras. A properly designed CCTV system provides a huge deterrent against theft from both employees and outsiders and this can greatly improve business profits and efficiency. For example, in a retail environment, a typical convenience store with a turnover of ?10,000 per week losses on average 2.7% of turnover per week to shoplifters and internal staff theft and this equates to ?14,450 per year. But with a closed circuit television camera system (CCTV), this loss can be reduced to less than 0.7% of turnover which equates to less than ?3000 per year. Using CCTV systems to monitor the cash registers is a good way of keeping track of transactions and those using the cash registers.

Control your staff and save thousands

Do you know what your staff is doing? Do you know what time they arrive and leave, what time they take off for cigarette breaks and how long they chat to their friends? With the minimum wage increasing, your staff could be costing you more than you think. The ability for managers to see what is going on throughout their business from their own offices or desks greatly saves on time every day and allows them to get along with their own work rather than spending a lot of their time checking up on everyone else. By reorganizing your staff to work more efficiently you could save yourself a lot of money per year.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

If you have a play area with slides, ball pool etc then a CCTV system is a must. In almost every instance where a child or parent is hurt they blame you and in today's compensation culture the claim to your insurance company soon follows and your premiums may go up as a result. A properly designed CCTV system will record what actually happened. Did the child come down the slide holding their parents hand? Simply showing the CCTV recording of what actually happened to the parent will in most cases stop them from making a claim. A properly designed CCTV system can be used to demonstrate to the Health and Safety executive that you complied with their requirements. Meeting insurance requirements is easier when you use a CCTV security system. You will also be able to record evidence that can be quite helpful in the case of accident claims that are not legitimate.

Home Security

Home CCTV systems are increasingly becoming more popular as a more cost-effective way of protecting homes, outdoor areas, such as driveways and gardens from intrusion and other crimes. A single camera system will allow you to record everyone coming to your house. Connect it to your broadband and you can view your house across the Internet. Having a few cameras on your holiday home will allow you to check up on it on a regular basis simply and easily. Besides the many advantages listed above, one of the key reasons that contributes to the popularity of CCTV surveillance system is the advancements in technology. CCTV systems have come a long way from being cumbersome, expensive and complex systems requiring expert help to simple, easy-to-use systems that are easy to configure, easy to maintain and reasonably priced. Moreover, the new range of surveillance systems offer more options, clarity and versatility than before.
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